Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wednesday... BLOOD RED, and the Brilliance of Gil Kane and Tom Palmer!

Art scan coming up, but first, please check out this promotional blather:

I have one writing project already in progress that I have yet to speak about here. BLOOD RED is a revenge story, set on Mars in the future. I've been getting back to it recently, after a good deal of time away, and I'm really excited about it. The story is solid as hell, in my own, humble opinion. More important, though, is the artwork by my good friend Shawn Crystal. Here's a sample page.

And now, today's art scan- a wonderfully rich panel from a mystery job by Gil Kane and Tom Palmer. Solid composition and drawing by Kane, but it's Palmer's work that really makes this panel. This page, from the '70s (I believe, although I have to confess I didn't double-check) captures Palmer's skill at their peak, and few guys have ever been better. Tom's line is so lush! Look at the sparse background elements. Everything is clear and clean, but it's also lively and casual. The drapery is also first-rate... lush but spontaneous.

Not to diminish Kane's contribution to this image, but I want to touch on a few more of Palmer's touches here. First, the spotting of blacks. From what I've read and seen of Kane's pencils, Gil didn't do a lot of black-spotting in his pencils, as he held onto the old school belief that this was the inker's job. Palmer uses shadows as well as anyone, and he uses them here to direct the eye, and to push element's forward in the composition. Another thing Tom does that I really admire is leaving out lines that really aren't required. He doesn't use a line to define the side of the foreground character's forehead, because that shape is defined without that line. Ditto that same character's right shoulder.

Spotting blacks effectively and letting the reader's eye finish the art are two skills that all the old greats knew almost instinctively. Unfortunately, they are skills that are far too rare in today's "make the prettiest line" mindset.

Enough of my spouting! Enjoy the genius, and come back for something different tomorrow!


I have no ideas who these characters are, but I assume the publishing rights to this page belong to Marvel Ent. Group!

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