Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friday... my writing projects- and RINGO

I'll keep it short today. Busy weekend ahead, and too much to do.

I thought I'd recap my various writing activities at the moment. I know you all are on pins and needles about when my new stuff will be hitting shelves. Least I could do is make things nice and clear.

UNCLE SLAM FIGHTS BACK- 40 page one-shot from Oni, ships in September
The script it done, the art is nearly so, and it should be off to the printer in the next few weeks. Look for it!

BLOOD RED- 100 (or so) page OGN from Oni Press, ships next year, I think
We're only 25 pages into this thing, but we're making headway again. Grim, violent, and fantastically-designed by Shawn Crystal. This is gonna be very fun. Lots of updates to come.

SOUTH AMERICAN THING- OGN from Oni Press, ships sometime next year, I hope
Can't say much yet, but I'm done with research, we have a plot we all like, and a little chunk of script is done. I hope we're about to land a great artist, and away we will go! I hope to be able to come back and say more about this project here very soon.

That's it in a nutshell. I have another thing or two in development, but I can't say much more at this time. I have enough on the plate for now, anyway.

And now, on to the art scan for today:

I'm doing something a little different today. I do not own this artwork... I only have scans. We lost Mike Wieringo a year ago last week, which is still hard to believe. Mike and I came up at DC at about the same time. Thanks to the fucking up of the worst editor of all time (oh... how I want to name the little prick), we never got to work together, but we always wanted to... said we would.

Mike made his job look easy, and he made comics that were full of fun and wonder. I miss him and his work, and we're all poorer for his passing. Rest in peace, Mike.


Hey... The Fantastic Four are owned by Marvel. Is your name Marvel? I didn't think so, so don't be stupid, ya moron.

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