Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday... One more El Diablo Image. and THOR by RYAN and JANSON!

Who's tired of seeing promotion for my upcoming book, El Diablo?! No one, that's who!

Okay, you all know by now about EL DIABLO, shipping in two weeks from DC Comics. Demons, violence, and horses by Nitz, Hester, and myself. Please check it out. Here's the cover for #3:

I should mention here that El Diablo is owned by DC COMICS.

And, on to today's art scan. This half-splash from an issue of Thor about ten years back was drawn by a guy named Michael Ryan. To be honest, I don't know Michael Ryan's work at all, and he is not why I bought this page. I mean, it's a solid page and all. The composition is nice, and the drawing is solid. Ryan may be a huge talent for all I know, but I bought the page for the inks by the amazing Klaus Janson.

Klaus is one of the most interesting, original inkers in the history of comic books. He routinely does everything I want to do, and can never quite pull off. His work is bold, graphic, and always visually stimulating. Check out this panel... the line weights are so varied! Klaus isn't afraid to drop a hug outline around a figure, and then play up that line by using delicate linework right behind it. This variation of line is what makes stuff pop. When I see young inkers at conventions, their portfolios in hand, I can predict before seeing their work that they are not going to get this key point. I'm always telling guys to vary their line weights more, and I have never seen a young inker who pushed this point too far.

I could go on and on about the genius of Klaus, but I'll just stress one more point today. Klaus, as much as anyone in the business, understands what the job of an inker is. Believe it or not, there are many people working in comics who do not understand this point, and many of them are inkers! So, I'll say it simply and clearly right now...


There, I said it. We'll pause now, to let it soak in.

The real job of the comic book inker is not to make the prettiest lines, or be the most faithful to the pencils, or to make the coolest textures on the page, as important as all those skills are. The main obligation of the job is the same as everyone else who works on the books, to help tell the story being told as clearly as possible. Getting back to Klaus, he gets that... big time.

Okay... enough of my spouting. Enjoy the genius, and come back for more Monday!


Marvel Entertainment Group owns the superhero called THOR, and you don't.

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