Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tuesday- El Diablo, and the Great Tony Salmons!

Art scan coming up, but first, please check out this promotional blather:

I thought I'd mix it up a bit today and mention something I'm inking, as opposed to a writing project. As usual, I am lucky enough to be inking my pal Phil hester as my day job. Right now, we're doing a six issue series for DC, titled EL DIABLO. Our buddy Jai Nitz is writing, and it's a really cool book. I'm aiming for a somewhat organic, clean look with the inks... kind of a compromise between the super clean look of Ant-Man and the brushy, looser feel of our Superman: Confidential work. Here's a peak:

And now, today's art scan- stunning pinup by another artist's artist, Tony Salmons. Tony has not produced as much work as I would have liked over the years, but what is out there almost always takes my breath away. As I've said many times to Salmons skeptics (there are a few out there, and you know who you are!), even if Tony doesn't always succeed, his failures are just about as thrilling as most guy's successes. When I look at Tony's work, I have to step back and think, "Jesus! I've never seen anyone do it like that before." That is worth something, my friends. To me, it's worth a lot.

Tony has done a lot of commissions for collectors over the years. I bought this secondhand, at least. It measures 11x17, and man... does Tony fill that space! I have to confess that I owned this piece for a few weeks before I realized that The Silver Surfer was present up top. The composition is bold and fresh, the inking is ballsy, and the whole thing just sings, right down to the coffee stain in the upper left corner.

Enough of my spouting! Enjoy the genius! Come back for something different tomorrow!


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Flowersense said...

Hmmm, the title sounds like he might have made one of those Robert Johnson / crossroads deals to be able to draw so amazingly.....(;
A spectacular piece of work from a very underrated, highly original artist.
Your undead conquistador (..or, at least that's what it looks like to me ) has a very strong look, is it intended for a cover? Looking forward to the issue.Thanks for the preview.

Brook said...

That is a really nice piece Salmons. Thanks for starting this blog and posting art from your collection, Ande. I'm checking it out every day!

william wray said...

Well Tony's no Ande Parks, but we love him!