Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday... Something Nice from Big John Buscema and Li'l Bill Sienkiewicz!

Just a quick post today about something I only own a scan of. It's getaway day for me, as I'll be headed out for the MO-KAN COMICS CONSPIRACY later this afternoon, where I'll be hanging out with the likes of Mark Evanier, Segio Aragones, and Stan Sakai! If you're in the KC area this weekend, please come check it out.

Speaking of the convention this weekend, I just finished this UNCLE SLAM promo image. We'll be selling it as a convention exclusive this weekend.

Again, I don't own the piece I'm showing off today. I just saved a scan of it years ago, and just came across it again on my hard drive. Since I have scans of both pencils (layouts, actually) and inks, I thought it would be interesting to show it off here.

What we have here is a layout by the legendary John Buscema, and finishes by the super-talented Bill Siekiewicz. We're going first name from here on out, because typing Bill's last name wears me out.

I don't know if Bill finished this piece from the layout we have here, or if he got full pencils. Frankly, I think it would have been a waste of Big John's time for him to provide Bill with anything tighter than this. Bill is gonna do his own thing, whether you give him fully-rendered pencils or not. All he needs to go to town is a foundation, and no one ever provided better foundations that Big John.

John's layouts are all about the gesture and the composition. If you've ever seen "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" you know that John was almost incapable of producing a stiff gesture drawing. I own several of his sketch sheets and layouts, and they are just awesome to behold. His drawing is so casual and so strong. He really had few peers in the history of the medium when it comes to drawing natural and dynamic figures.

Of course, Bill is also one of the most talented artists to ever grace the comic book page. He's nowhere near the comic book storyteller that a guy like John is, but he can draw and paint like a bastard. He finishes this strong John layout with such authority and grace. The lines are fine, but the overall impact of John's drawing is completely intact.

Okay, that's enough outta me. Enjoy the genius, and come back for more tomorrow!



Jason Arnett said...

I know Buscema's hand gestures were fairly repetitive, but I think Big G's left hand looks better in the layout than inked: more regal and somehow dominating than the finished version. I'm not sure I care for the choice Bill made on the mouth, either, as it makes Galactus more human and less cosmically disinterested. Might've been in service to the story, I guess.

You said he'd overwhelm anything given to him, but still it's interesting to see it presented this way.

BTW, I'm enjoying True Blood enough to keep watching some more. I like the old-fashioned courtship between vampire of the old South and the young human of the new South. It's not grabbing me the way Deadwood did, but it's better (a little anyway) than John From Cincinatti was at its start.

If I make it up to the con, I'll be there on Sunday early.

collin_kc78 said...

Ah, yes, the brothers Buscema. John may have been the better artist, but some of my first comic books were drawn by Sal, and I will always cherish Sal's run on Captain America in the 70's. Odd how John did so well with comics but really didn't care for most of them, except maybe Conan. Of course, Bill Sienkiewicz's abilities go without saying. I can remember when we had the darndest time figuring out how to pronounce his last name until we heard it at the '83 Chicago Comicon. Bill certainly took off in an interesting direction after being a Neal Adams clone. Thanks for sharing!