Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday, Part Two... Some Convention Boldness

Just found this image as I was getting pictures off my cell phone, and I wanted to share it.

Phil Hester and I did this Captain America sketch back in the spring, at Kansas City's Planet Comicon. That day at the show, I took a look at what Phil had pencilled for me and grabbed a #5 sable brush. That is a much bigger brush than I usually use for inking. The brush I typically keep at my drafting table is a #3. With this fantastic sketch that Phil handed me, though, I saw an opportunity to get really bold. I wanted to channel some of that old-school comic book inking. What was really in my mind was Don Heck's inking over Jack Kirby on a gods portfolio. Someday, I'll post an example. For now, though, you're stuck with my efforts.

I loved the way this sketch came out. I got the effect I wanted... bold lines, with more attention paid to the overall impact of the piece than any ind of small details or rendering. As I recall, the only place I used any pen (small marker, probably) was on the face and costume details. I especially enjoyed rendering the chain mail texture with the brush.

Forgive the bad scan. Again, this is from a cell phone picture.

Okay... check it out for yourself. Have a cool weekend, and I'll see you back here Tuesday (if not sooner).


Marvel Comics owns Captain America.

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collin_kc78 said...

I love the lines in his legs and the way the right hand is drawn. It certainly is very reminiscent of Kirby. I was not aware you were a big Don Heck inking fan. I think Heck was a better inker than penciller for super-heroes, but he did a good job with other genres. He would have been better off sticking to monsters and Millie the Model.