Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday... It's Win Mortimer Day!

Sorry I wasn't able to post Thursday. It was a rough deadline week. Of course, I also continue to work on our school bond issue, and stress mightily about the presidential election. Overall, it's a rough life, man!

Anyway, I'll be away next week, too. I'll be off working on my Ciudad book. I'm excited about really getting into this thing again.

So, since it may be a week or so until I can post again, today's scan is a little special. You get not a single panel, but a whole daily strip by the great Win Mortimer. Even better, you get this amazing photo of the artist in his studio.


How cool is that?! I love everything about this picture: the studio space, the window, the finished dailies spread out on the table, the great old chair, Mortimer's attire, the lovely wife... it's all perfect.

I've spoken about Win Mortimer here before, so I'll keep it brief. He's a vastly underrated artist, a guy known best for his Superman work, which was pretty pedestrian. As a strip artist, he is a rare talent. His characters are so full of personality... they just jump from the page. You can really feel the acting here. I can't get enough of Mortimer's work.

Okay... I gotta run! Enjoy the genius, and come back for more next Tuesday!




Mad Ernie said...

I'm glad you displayed some of Mortimer's strip work because I also found his comic book work to be rather ... wanting. I think he might have also done some Brave & the Bold issues in the mid-60's.

Mike Worley said...

I had Win Mortimer as a guest at the KC convention years ago. He was quite charming and I kept in touch with him, visiting him on occasion while he worked at Continuity. A pencil sketch of Superman he did for me hangs in my studio with some of my other treasures.

Just thought I'd share.