Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday... Inking Machine!

I've had precious little time to write lately. For a number of reasons, El Diablo deadlines have gone from tight to "Holy Shit!" tight. Thus, I have been inking like a madman for the past several days. The good news is that I'm getting a lot done, and the work is looking lively and exciting. The bad news is that I have two comics I should be writing. Hopefully, once this inking deadline is over, I'll be able to focus on the writing more effectively.

A crunch like this drives home the odd place in which my career resides right now. I want to be a writer. I think I'm on the verge of being a good one, if I could only find the freaking time. It's hard, almost impossible, to get past the initially mediocre writing in little bursts of time. I need to get into the project- really let it roll around for a day or two, but the time is hard to come by.

Yeah- I know... "Whahh! My comics career is too damn busy! I can't find enough time to be brilliant!" Point taken. I shouldn't use this blog just to bitch about my own selfish time constraints.

So, I'll talk a bit about the best tv show I've seen recently, Mad Men. The show's second season was tough to take at times, but it was always brilliant. The finale was really spectacular. It is really getting hard to find anyone there to root for, but you just can't stop watching.

Mad Men has a harsh, semi-realistic vibe that reminds me of The Sopranos, but the setting changes the tone completely. The Sopranos existed in gangster-world, where things were grounded, but not real. When those people acted like monsters, it was kind of expected. On Mad Men, when the characters do reprehensible things, it's more in your face, because they exist in a setting that is easier to relate to. It is hard to take, but hard to turn away from. I'm already looking forward to next year.

I gotta get back to the board. See you here again soon.


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