Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday... Uncle Slam's Cover, and Some Pure Kevin Nowlan!

Remember, folks... UNCLE SLAM FIGHTS BACK shipped to comic book stores this week. If you haven't yet sought out a copy, do so now!!! Here... now you know what to look for:

Uncle Slam is owned by ME!

Today's art scan is a little different. It's a whole page thumbnail by the great Kevin Nowlan. This is page one from a Jack B. Quick story, by Kevin and Alan Moore.

I'm not going to go on and on about this page. Really, Kevin is, in my opinion, one of those guys that it's kind of hard to learn from. Why? Because the first step is always going to be, "Get as talented as Kevin Nowlan."

Now, I confess that I have spent a lot of time studying Kevin's inking techniques. He is on the short list of guys I routinely turn to when I don't feel like I know what the hell I'm doing as an inker. Looking at his work always inspires me. I can't really ink like Kevin, but looking at his work helps me think about drawing while I ink, about texture, and about being clean without looking labored or dull.

As a penciller or, in this case, a layout artist, though... I'm just struck by what a unique talent Kevin is. The drawings are so completely charming. The layouts are so clear and clean. The lettering is so perfect. He just does everything well, and he does it as only he can.

Still, there are certainly lessons here. This layout measures about 8 inches tall. I don't know if Kevin started off with an even smaller thumbnail, but I doubt it. Nailing down compositions, including how the lettering fits, at this size is essential, but something that a lot of young artists ignore. Kevin is really doing all the hard work at this size. After this step, he knows where things go, and how the storytelling flows, including the lettering. All that's left is the drawing. If your name is Kevin Nowlan, that part is easy!

I should close by adding that Kevin, in addition to being a fantastic talent, is a fellow Kansan, and a very sweet guy. I wished he lived a little closer to yours truly. He probably doesn't share that wish... as I'd be bugging him all the time if he did.

Okay... enough outta me. Enjoy the genius, and come back for more next Tuesday!


I assume that Jack B. Quick is owned by Alan Moore and Kevin Nowlan.

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