Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday... Living in America

That, my friends (tip of the hat to McCain there), was quite a night. Most of my hopes were riding on Obama, and he delivered in more ways than one. Watching a smart, confident man address the nation last night as our leader was so breathtaking. Forget about the racial issues, forget about red vs. blue- we have a president who is strong, calm, and smart as hell. Feels good. I feel like my country and I are back on the same page.

As I've mentioned here before, I had a lot more riding on the results of last night's elections than the presidential race. I had friends and relatives running for Kansas offices. That went well, but not perfectly. My good friends Tony Brown and Tom Holland won state rep and state senate seats, respectively. Unfortunately, my uncle narrowly lost his bid to go back to the state house. My uncle is a republican, and I guess he got swept away in the democratic wave. It's really a shame. He's such a good man, and he would have been such a positive force for education in our state.

On a personal level, there was a local issue I was very involved in- a school bond issue. Early returns didn't look good, but it did pass by 300 votes (of about 4000 cast). Despite Obama's great night, the bond passing was the most emotional moment for me. When we got the word, I hugged my wife and all the bond supporters around me as I teared up. I'm really proud of my community. We had a lot of things working against us: the economy, the fact that we put the bond out there on a presidential election day. Still, our town saw the value for kids, and did the right thing.

I'll be back soon with nonsense about comic art or tv shows, or movies, or whatever.


PS- Huge props to Nate Silver at We was my life raft when I got depressed about the presidential election, and he nailed it. I shoulda had complete faith in Nate the whole time... would have saved me a lot of stress!


Mad Ernie said...

I echo your comments about our new president. In a way, I feel sorry for him because whoever won this thing was/is going to face some of the toughest decisions in our country since FDR was in office. But now with one party controlling both the executive and legislative branches of government, we might actually see some legislation get passed. I am all for checks and balances, but lately it seems all we've had are too many checks and too much balance.

Mad Ernie said...

As an additional note, had John McCain won, I would have been somewhat dissappointed, but not nearly as much as having Howdy Doody in the White House for the past several years. I think McCain would have brought about some good changes, just not as many as Obama. Thanks to politics, he sold his soul to the ultra conservatives in the Republican party to get the $$ and it probably cost him the election because he alienated himself from the moderates that he would have initially been associated with. How can you embrace some of the ideology of the extreme right and still call yourself a maverick?