Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday... Exhaustion and Sinatra

Sorry I blew the art post Thursday. I've been fighting two inking deadlines. I will try to bring something beautiful to the table next Tuesday.

For now, I just wanted to check in and mention that Frank Sinatra's Only the Lonely album is freaking perfection. After a long day's work, I'm trying to get sleepy with a bourbon (Knob Creek) and Coke (okay... I admit, it's a Coke Zero), some iphone blackjack, and some Frank. Christ, what an album.

The best track is One For My Baby. In fact, I think it's one of the best vocals ever recorded. There;s nothing too flashy about it. Frank sounds relaxed, enjoying the perfect arrangement and the lovely tenor of his own voice. This song, though, perfectly captures how Sinatra himself said he wanted to be remembered- as a good saloon singer, sitting next to a piano in the wee hours.

If you don't own the album- if you've never heard it- please get it soon. And, if you want to really savor the genius as intended, do what I'm doing right now. Listen to Only the Lonely by yourself, in your basement in the middle of the night, with a stiff drink at hand.


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grantbond said...

Knob Creek is good. I enjoy Bruichladdich.