Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to the "Real World"

Attended Planet Comicon in the KC suburbs this weekend. Good time, and saw a lot of folks that I see too infrequently. Kind of a bizarre weekend, thanks to the little spring blizzard. Saturday afternoon, I had to drive from the con to talk to some kids about comic books at a museum about fifteen miles away. That was an interesting trip... I saw a handful of freshly-ditched vehicles along the way. Got there and back, though. Four brave kids and their folks even showed up to hear what I had to say at the museum.

So, this morning, it's back to Ciudad. I have the first third or so of the book almost written... fifty pages, to be precise. Trying to go back through today and fine-tune it all, as well as finish the last several pages, which don't have dialogue yet. I continue to be somewhat concerned about pacing, but I came up with some good ways to simplify some of the setups last week. It's challenging for me, working from an outline that is not entirely mine. I'm hesitant to change it too much. It takes me awhile to remember that this is not a film, and I can do what I need to with the comic book script to make it work for that medium.

That's all I have today. I gotta hit this thing hard while I can. Tonight, more school board work... the fifth long meeting in the last week. Oofa!

See you back here soon!


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