Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday... what a week.

It's been an up and down week. As I mentioned before, I spent my writing time this week working on the outline for Ciudad. It's going well, but it's been tough. Plotting is not my favorite part of the job. I thrive more on the character moments, and would rather coast on those, letting those moments dictate the flow of the story. There are too many other concerns on Ciudad, though, to let that happen. There is a page count restriction, and I've been developing the book with my co-creators (the awesome Joe and Anthony Russo... look them up on IMDB), so we already have a loose outline that we've all agreed on. While I am changing things along the way, I need to respect the time we all spent as a team as we bashed out our story.

So, I've been stewing a lot this week. Good work has come out of all that staring at the wall, though. I feel better about the big beats between my main characters now, and I'm clearer on everyone's motivations. I'm behind on what I hoped to get done this week, but I've got the tight outline down to the last big action sequence and conclusion. I also think that the reader will buy what goes down between Tyler and Eva now, which feels really good.

It hasn't been all work this week, though. Since I was just stewing a lot, I had time to restore an old fedora I had in storage. The hat was probably born in the '40s. When I got it, the only thing worth saving was the felt. The sweat band was shot, the liner had disintegrated, and the ribbon was too stained to save. This week I stripped the hat, cleaned the felt in Coleman fuel (kerosene, more or less), stitched in a new sweat band, added stiffener to give the hat shape, made a new bow, and sewed on a new ribbon. It's a lovely hat now, and it feels great to have saved it from the dump. Picture below. Please take a second to appreciate my fabulous bow... I'm so proud.

Also had a lot of school board this week, including a really challenging personnel decision that I still have to face. Added to that was the memo release yesterday that proved that my country completely lost its way under the Bush/Cheney torture doctrine. I read a lot of that crap yesterday, and was so filled with rage and sadness that it was hard to be productive. The 9/11 attacks were horrific, of course. What may have been worse was the fact that our president reacted by chipping away at the core ideals that our country stands for. We are not the Khmer Rouge. We are not supposed to torture people... ever. Hopefully, we never will again. I read a lot of Andrew Sullivan yesterday. I would encourage you to do the same.

Oh, there was one other overriding emotion as I read the torture memos and reactions to them... relief. Eight years was more than enough. Thank god it's over.

Okay... I gotta get to work. Thanks for wading through this... both of you. Sorry about the political rant. I want to use this space to promote my projects, but I also want to be able to speak my mind. This isn't worth doing if I'm not going to express myself honestly. Of course, these are just one man's opinions... worth what you paid on most days.

Have a great weekend!



Paul McCall said...

Very impressed with the hat! I'm a big hat fan and have a few of my own but I've never tried to restore one! Great job!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty bow that is. :)