Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh, Neal!

Monday's post on Sunday night, because tomorrow is gonna be crazy. Oh, I'll get back to the Union Station process stuff again soon. I just have something else on my mind right now.

So, I'm going to post something I just wrote on the Bendis Board. They've been talking about the Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams Batman reprints. I jumped in about the alterations Adams has been doing as the new hardcovers come out. First, here's a before and after:

Great example. He revisited Batman's close-up on that page, too. Man... being able to see every individual incisor really makes the page!

It's a shame. I bemoaned all this on the comicart Yahoo list when the first new edition came out, and ended up getting into it with Neal's family... not what I had in mind, and I felt bad about it.

Still, I will repeat here what I said there. I wish Neal would embrace the old stuff for what it is, realize that it is good, despite any flaws he might perceive, and move on. I'd rather see a new Batman story. Hell, I'd rather see that damn Two Men Talking in a Bar graphic novel we've been waiting for than watching Neal waste his time stepping back to fix what ain't broke.

Finally, I would add that, in my own humble opinion, Neal used to be a better comic book inker than he is now. That's not saying he's no longer a great artist, or that his inking isn't perfectly appropriate for commercial work. I just think the decades of cranking out storyboards (excellent storyboards, I'm sure) have eroded the skill sets that he used to possess and apply to comics book art.

Don't like the coloring, either, while I'm at it.



Mad Ernie said...

That page holds a special place in my memory. My older cousin had the original World's Finest issue that art first appeared in. I loved that story as a little kid. I guess I don't mind the changes too much, but like you, I agree Neal should do less rehashing and more original stuff. Maybe he's just burned out (although if that were the case, why do comics at all?).

BrikHed said...

I love the older page - I get nostalgic for when comics look like that...

David A Price said...

I agree with you, Ande. I carried on when Bolland touched up THE KILLING JOKE, too.

Jose said...

Totally agree Ande. Also, sometimes I wonder "why that figure? Why not the figure in panel 4 for example?" So you see, we do need to hold on to the original comics instead of just getting the reprints.

Jose said...

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