Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Been a rough start to the week, and I'm feeling kind of buried. I'll try to get back soon with some more cogent analysis, but I'm not feeling it this morning.

I do have something to offer, though! A couple of years ago, I got to ink one of my all-time heroes, Rick Leonardi. It was really challenging, thrilling, and rewarding. Here are pencils and inks of one the coolest pages.

In inking Leonardi, I try to accomplish several things: First, I want to make it as readable as possible (this is always my top priority, no matter who I'm inking). Next, I want to preserve Leonardi's unique line, while pulling the stuff together a little bit. Finally, I want to bring something of myself to the party... again, without overpowering Rick's fantastic style.




mellon said...

These are still some of my favorite pages of yours. Beautiful stuff. Leonardi has always been a big influence on me, so seeing your process of working over him (then and now) is still awe-inspiring. Great stuff.

Justin said...

I love Leonardi. Such a subtle yet unique style. You see it, and know... but it doesn't overwhelm a story. Always a favorite