Thursday, April 23, 2009


Had a great day yesterday. Went to Costco, spent too much on fancy food and booze, ate Arthur Bryant's barbecue, played a little golf, and spent the rest of the night out carousing. The only thing missing was quality time with the family. I'll make up for that today.

Yesterday's antics have also left me feeling behind on the Ciudad page-by-page plotting, which I really wanted to wrap up by tomorrow. I still have a ways to go, but the big chase//action sequence at the end should go pretty quickly. I think I have a chance to get it done.

Before I get back to that work, I need to vent on the torture issue again. Andrew Sullivan, who has really become a hero of mine, nails it again today.

An excerpt:
For me, the most telling moment was when president Bush gave his convention speech by satellite for John McCain. Bush had to avoid using the word "torture" to describe what the Vietnamese had once done to McCain. Because if the Vietnamese were torturers, so was Bush.

And, with that, I'm off to start my day's work. Yippee!


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