Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Okay... no opinions today. Well, only opinions that are self-serving, I guess I should say.

I just want to ask you to consider ordering the upcoming reprint of my first graphic novel, Union Station. It's an historical fiction gangster story, dealing with Kansas City's Union Station Massacre and its aftermath. It's good. I can say that without loss of humility because, even if the script sucks, the art by Eduardo Barreto is undeniably fantastic. Don't believe it? Well, check this out, suckas!

And, as if that ain't enough, here's a review you should check out.

Okay, enough of that. It is a solid book, dear reader. Furthermore, I don't know exactly what the new cover might be, but it's gonna be awesome, and it will almost certainly feature a guy shooting a gun right atcha! Damn... you better order two!

Anyway, it's in Previews right now, page 281. It will ship in June. Please ask your retailer to get you one, two, or more.



David A Price said...

Ande Parks + Eduardo Barreto + gangsters?


. . .

Sorry for zoning out. I was drooling.

Awesome to read about the re-release for those that missed out over the past few years.

Gordon Harries said...

Excellent to see a post about this.

VERY pleased to see this book be greeting the buying public again. :)

Mr. Hawthorne said...

It's truly a great book! Yeah, everyone should get it.


mar said...

What has Barreto done since then? I've been a fan of his work and I don't recall seeing any new stuff since he did your book. Did he realize he could just never do anything better than working with Mr. Ande Parks?

David A Price said...


He did the COBB miniseries with Beau Smith at IDW back in 2006. He had some work in Superman #661. ComicbookDB has a chronological list here:

SDTaxMan said...

Eduardo Barreto is also the artist on the daily comic strip "Judge Parker" from King Features Syndicate. He has breathed a lot of life into it.