Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday... Damn That Ciudad!

Before I move into discussing my current writing project, I should mention that the re-release of my first graphic novel, Union Station, is almost upon us. I think the book will be in stores by the end of July. Please keep an eye out for it. The new cover is really swell. See?

So, on to more recent activities. As you know if you've been reading this blog much at all, I've been working on a book called Ciudad more or less full-time since March. Now, it's almost done. That's the good news. The bad news is that, as they say, that last step is a doosy.

I finished the first full draft a few weeks back. I then took a little time to put together some pitches for my next project. I probably should have taken time away from Ciudad to work on the pitches earlier, but I was really determined to wrap this book as quickly as possible. It was a test I set up for myself to see if I could function as a full-time writer. I think I did pretty well, wrapping the book in record time, by my standards.

Well... almost wrapping it. After getting the pitches done, I went back to do a polish on Ciudad, only to find that pulling teeth would be a party by comparison. I flat out did not want to go back in there. I can't say why, exactly. I guess I felt like I had done that hard work already, and revisiting would be tedious. It's hard to get the focus back. But, I know the work is not quite where I need it to be, so... I am fighting through it.

One really interesting part of the process was the realization, the night of July 4th, that the character Eva was not what I wanted her to be. I was watching fireworks with a bunch of friends that night, one of whom is the 16 year old babysitter friend of mine. This girl had served as my model for Eva early on. She has the right attitude and vitality. In talking to her briefly about the script, it hit me that I had strayed from those characteristics. Eva had become too much a victim. Just a five minute chat with this young woman made it clear to me that I could do better... that Eva could be more.

So, today is the day I've set for myself to be all done with Ciudad revisions. I think it's possible. I'll let you know.



Mad Ernie said...

Great new cover for Union Station! I like it a lot!

Funny how no matter how close to 'done' we think we are with things, we're never really truly there. I wish you luck on finishing Ciudad and look forward to seeing it published.

Alisha Patel said...

You article is very good and interesting for me!