Monday, August 10, 2009

Wizard Chicago Comic-Con Thing

Just back from the "big" show in Chicago. I don't have the time or focus for a full report, so this stream of consciousness rant will have to suffice.

Drive to Chicago was long, and the final hour was a complete pain in the ass. I've driven in a lot of big city traffic, and Chicago is consistently the worst. Tolls every hundred yards, and everything is always torn up and shitty.

Tiki Bar with Jain Nitz and friends was an awesome way to settle down. Also had minor fun at the Hyatt bar Thursday night.

Aloft is a cool place to stay. I did not feel too old to be there, as I feared.

Did not sleep well. Something in the room was beeping! What the fuck was that?!

The con was... weird. Every artist I spoke with made comments about this being their last one. I'm not sure if I would do it again, assuming it happens again. I've been to something like 22 of these in a row.

I think I'm going to C2E2 in April, downtown Chicago.

I love Matt Wagner.

After two months with no steak, the Cajun Ribeye at Morton's was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Drank for almost four hours at the Hyatt Friday night, and paid for not a single drink. I felt like a pretty girl. I knew this Dean Martin mystique I have cultivated would pay off.

Speaking of pretty girls, April tucked my business card into her bra. Also, she loved my hat. Bless her heart.

I have a lot of cool friends... really enjoyed them Friday night.

Poor Jai.

Better sleep Friday night, but still not good.

Bought tickets for the whole family to see Bruce in KC October 25th. Behind the stage to save money, but it's still gonna be awesome.

Did lots of sketches and sold fair amount of books Saturday. No artwork moving at all. The floor in Artist's Alley was packed. People seemed ready to spend small amounts only.

Did a lot of free head sketches. I stuck to my guns on drawing only what I damn well want to for freebies. "Yes, you can have a free drawing. No, I will not draw your D&D character for free. Enjoy your Batman, jerkoff."

It hit me how this shift in my career, from inker to writer, has changed my status. As an inker, I felt I could approach any editor in the business and credibly ask for work. As a writer, I feel I have to open with, "Um... do you know I'm a writer?"

I took three hats on this trip. I needed all of them. I mean, I need to coordinate with shirts and such. What am I, an animal?

Had a wonderful meal at Maria's with Chris Mitten and his girlfriend, Michelle Behnken. I met Michelle just a few weeks ago, and she is already one of my favorite people. Her kids are cool, too.

More Hyatt Saturday night. Ran into April again. Kyle Strahm is hilarious. Jason Latour and Clay Moore really need some therapy. I adore Adam Witt and Anne Jurack, even if Anne is something of a story killer. I love the Around Comics boys. Ditto John Siuntres.

Great seeing the Iowa boys again. Brook, Jason, Aaron, Colin.

I love Pat Loika dearly, but there are certain acts in conjunction which he should not be mentioned.

Got to bed around 2:30 again Saturday night. Better sleep, but not the best.

Shower in my Aloft room was great.

Con was freaking dead Sunday. Oofa!

So nice to see my daughter again.

Ride home was pretty painless. Drove through St. Louis to show Hannah the arch. It freaked her out.

Home. Need to get to work... now.



laura said...

Despite the fact the my wonderful company (and cookies) were not mentioned, this might be my favorite con recap by anyone ever. And it's solely because of the picture of Phil.

Mad Ernie said...

I talked with a friend of mine yesterday who had just gotten back from the con. His level of disappointment sounded the same as yours. What's going on with those Wizard guys? This used to be my favorite convention. San Diego is too Hollywood/weird for me - great venue, not enough comics stuff.

stop-him said...

Oh Christ, what an utterly flattering picture of me.

Scott Chantler said...

I used to enjoy this show, because it was a major con only an eight hour drive from my house. And damn, that city's got some good pizza.

But 2006 was the last year for me. Too many toys, too many video games, too many superheroes, not enough indie books and creators, etc. And I'd rather not deal with the Wizard folks, who mostly treat you as if you're ruining their day by making them sell you a table. In general, just not my scene. San Deigo's a circus (and REALLY far from central Canada!) but at least the whole industry is represented there somewhere.

I may check out the new Reed show in the spring, though, like you mention. Maybe it'll just be the same shit in a different space, but it's worth a look, I suppose.

Shawn Crystal said...

I"m so glad you got to enjoy a steak again, and from Morton's to boot! You got the fries, right?

andy kuhn said...

looks like it was fun, except for the fact that it was wizard world chicago! i don't know if you're going to windy city-con. if not, maybe i'll see you at the reed show. :)