Friday, December 4, 2009


I finished my "last" inking deadline about six weeks ago. The quotes are because I don't want to completely close the door on my inking career. I'm trying to become a full-time writer in the long term, but... you never know.

Anyway, in the last six weeks, I have spent most of my time as a writer wrestling with the same damn pitch. It is a pitch and an idea that I love... one that I would love to write. It is also one that is wearing me out.

When I first wrote the pitch, it was pretty high concept and minimal. It was character driven, and the lead is a character I'm dying to write. It got complicated, though. The pitch was a little too similar to another book that had just come out, so I started tweaking. For the next few weeks, these tweaks occupied my mind damn near all the time. I would find a solution, sure it was the way to go. The next day, that solution was a load of crap. I woke up a few times with great ideas, only to stare at my excited scribbles the next day with disgust.

So, for the first time in the short lifespan of my new career, I did something really smart. I set it aside. A few days ago, I moved on another project... something that's been on my mind for years. That project was an absolute godsend to me this week.

Problems on the "new" project are falling away with relative ease. I'm excited to be back in this world, and while I can still feel the world of the other pitch lurking over there in the corner, it's not weighing on me anymore. I have no guarantees, but I have a strong feeling that, once this new project is resolved on paper, the one I was fighting so desperately will somehow fall in place.

It's been an interesting process, and one I'm not quite familiar with. I didn't often have the luxury to simply move over to another project as an inker. I have a feeling I'm going to be learning a lot of new tricks over the next several months.

Have a solid weekend. See you back here soon, I hope.


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surly hack said...

That rings true to me, Ande. After banging my head against a writing wall for a while, sometimes it's good to just turn and walk around the corner. Later you may find that that wall has been removed. It's not unlike "sleeping on it". You know, waking in the morning to find that you've figured out last night's problem.