Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Green Hornet #27 and Beyond...

Just wanted to drop by to say that issue #27 of Green Hornet is my last issue as sole writer. Starting with issue #28, I am providing plots or story ideas for Jai Nitz to work from. On issue #28, I wrote a fairly tight outline. After that, I pretty much just provided Jai with some basic notes and the idea for the villain.

I didn't initially foresee leaving the full writing duties at the end of the OUTCAST arc, but that's just how it worked out. After writing almost thirty issues of Green Hornet and Kato, it was time to look for a new challenge. It's a good thing.

Please stay tuned for what Jai has in store, and please check out issue #27! I'm really proud of how we wrapped the OUTCAST arc.

Thanks for the support on Green Hornet and Kato. And, of course, thanks to Nick and Joe at Dynamite, Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Matt Wagner and the amazing artists I've gotten to work with. I'm going to keep trying to do my damndest to bring you guys good work, on Lone Ranger and on something new...

Humbly, Anj

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