Wednesday, October 10, 2012

For Jenne and Ginny

My sister asked me to do a reading as part of her wedding ceremony last weekend. I was honored, and I wanted to write something special for Jenne and her beautiful bride, Ginny. Here's what I came up with.

Like water, love is necessary for life
Man and nature may build impediments
Dams, walls and levees, real and imagined
But if the source is strong
There is no keeping love at bay
Eventually, it will find a way through any barrier

Love, like water, can carve swaths through soil and rock
Through limestone, marble and granite
It can turn the most sterile, flat ground into rapids
Into a river that roils and rages
That feeds life, green and lush in the valley
As long as some small source lies perfect and safe
In the mountains above

Staring into the crystal clear pool on a hot day can only satisfy so much
To feel love's power you have to dive in
Even though you may not be sure just how to keep your head above water

It takes experience
It takes accepting the possibility of failure
It takes someone willing to take a risk
Willing to whisper three words in your ear just as you think you may go under
Three words, and suddenly, impossibly, you find you can stand
In the deep end of the pool

Water flows from the ground
It falls from the sky
And when it falls, trying to avoid the drops
Is as futile as trying to deny a love that is pure

No person, no law, no force of nature can long constrain the power of love

How beautiful it is that we come together to celebrate something as basic
Something as perfect
Something as completely necessary for life
As love