Friday, March 22, 2013

Ten Years Back

Andrew Sullivan's writing on how he came to be so wrong about Iraq War 10 years ago is amazing stuff. A model for how we should examine ourselves.

Ten years ago, I knew Bush was intent on the Iraq invasion. We had a sign up opposing the war until the day it started. I was just hoping it would be over quickly, with minimal loss of life. I knew the US wouldn't accept defeat. We would "win", even if it meant Iraq was wiped off the map. Thus, while my right-wing friends saw me as not supporting the troops, I was supporting them completely. 

Of course, it didn't end quickly or well. Cheney and company turned 9-11 into a greater victory for bin Laden than the attacks alone ever could have, and so many died needlessly, on both sides. 

I carried so much anger about all this stuff for so long. Most of all, I was angry at my liberal friends who said "it doesn't matter" as they pulled the lever for Nader. Back to Sullivan, he's been talking about that mentality this week. He felt the same... wanting Gore to lose because he saw no leadership there. We all know better now, I hope.

End of rant. I'm thankful every morning that I wake up with Barack Obama as the leader of the country I felt so alienated from ten years back.


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